Would you like better health, vigor, energy and improved performance? Are you willing to take some responsibility for your own health? Are you interested in a health-care technology that’s inexpensive, takes just a few minutes a day, and can be accomplished with the touch of a button?

Use a health-improvement system already proven for more than 200 years! But use it in a new form—modern, high-tech electronics!

Consider The Mender™. It’s easy to operate. In fact, once you get the hang of it, nothing could be simpler. Its basic mechanics can be learned in just minutes. But what wonders it can accomplish!

The Mender uses a 200-year-old health care system so that you can easily:

  • Make antidotes for pollens in ten seconds.
  • Neutralize harmful chemicals such as hair dyes, pesticides, traffic fumes and thousands more—also in ten seconds.
  • Help common problems, aches and pains—simply and often almost miraculously.
  • Make antidotes for skin blemishes that may help remove them.
  • Even help your plants and flowers ward off bugs.

Learn more about The Mender and how it works.

The Mendits™ are 60 special remedies developed by consultant Jack Garvy, Lic. Ac., over a period of 26 years of clinical practice. You'll find there's a Mendit for practically every household situation you might encounter. Simply choose a Mendit that seems appropriate, place it on the Mender Source plate, and make a duplicate in water. You'll be amazed at the results—or your money back, no questions asked. Try the Mendits free for 90 days!

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