I had no allergy to speak of...

"I have suffered with many various sinus problems throughout my life and, being a pilot, that interfered with my profession. About one year ago I made my own personal sinus remedy. I collected my first mucus of the day and each day for one month made and a potentized remedy with the remedy maker. I have used this sinus remedy daily and am amazed by the results. It is great to breathe clearly every day! I have also had good results by collecting pine pollen from the top of the swimming pool and making a remedy. I had no allergy to speak of through last pine pollen season."

- B.B.


Quick healing and unusual amount of bone growth...

"Thank you for the concern you have shown regarding my son's broken arm. He broke it twice, the second time just six weeks after the first break and two days after having been released by his orthopedic surgeon. After the second break I began treating my son's arm with your homeopathic remedies for 'Strain, Sprain, and Pain' and 'Calcossin' that I made with the remedy maker. The orthopedic surgeon commented on how much new bone growth was evident in the x-ray. I attribute his quick healing and unusual amount of bone growth and remodeling to the treatment you recommended."

- K.F.


We made a remedy using a couple of the sick leaves, and sprayed the plant with the remedy...

"Thought we would drop you a note to tell you of two additional uses we have made of our remedy maker. First, last year, we had a Christmas cactus that was obviously sick and dying fast. We made a remedy using a couple of the sick leaves, and sprayed the plant with the remedy several times a day for a week or so. The plant began to perk up and we still have it. As a matter of fact it was our best bloomer at Christmastime last Christmas!

Second, we recently had an 'attack' of some white moths. We decided to experiment and caught five or six or them and made a remedy. We then sprayed the remedy on one section of the plants in the area where there were lots of the moths. Within an hour when we checked, there were not many moths at all in the area we sprayed. Sorry to say, we waited too long to think of trying this, so we still have the moths all over our yard, but they do not like the area we sprayed.

We are so thankful that you have provided the opportunity for us to use this wonderful machine. We have found lots of uses, but wanted to let you know of these uses in our yard."

- T.H. and M.H.


My heartbeat has maintained regularity henceforth...

"I had been having an irregular heartbeat for approximately three years and was under a doctor's care. I had tried quite a few different treatments that really did not help me very much. I recall that when this problem began I was prescribed a medication. After taking the second or third dose I began feeling a 'funny' heartbeat. I called my daughter who is a medical doctor and she advised me to stop taking the medication. From that time forward, my heartbeat was never the same and maintained the 'funny' heartbeat.

"I recently acquired a remedy maker and recalled shortly thereafter that my 'funny' heartbeat was caused by the medication. So I acquired a capsule of the medication and made a remedy from it on the remedy maker. I took one dropper-full every 15 minutes to begin and in a short time my heart began a regular beat. I used this remedy for approximately 1-2 days and my heartbeat has maintained regularity henceforth."

- S.H., DDS


What an immediate, visible positive result...

"It is interesting note to note that a spider bite I had on the inside of my forearm was worsening daily and spreading into an increasingly wider ring. I compared my spider bite with one of my husband's piano students who had also been bitten by a spider. Her bite looked similar to mine except it was a few days further along. The night before, her father had lanced it to draw out the infection. She had also been taking Benadryl daily to deal with the pain. After talking with her I went straight to my remedy maker and made a remedy that I applied continuously for two days. By the end of the first day the heat had calmed down, and on the third day my arm was clear. What an immediate, visible positive result!"

- K.F.


His hair came back darker...

"My brother-in-law's hair was coming out. The doctor's advice did not work so I used the probe with my remedy maker and made him a remedy. He shaved his head and rubbed the remedy in. His hair came back DARKER (I am thinking of doing mine to get rid of gray!). All the little spaces were filled in! Also, this man's son had warts all OVER his hands. Did the same thing, saw them again—warts gone! This is not only healthy but it's fun! Thanks!"

- L.E.


Thank you for teaching us how to make remedies...

"Our dog, Nina, was very sick. And she loves to come in the house. She came in the house one day and went behind our sofa and had diarrhea. We made a remedy out of the diarrhea and rubbed it on her belly every half hour. And by the next day we saw improvement. We were thankful that we made her a remedy because we had a dog die of the same thing. Thank you for teaching us how to make remedies!"

- C.N. (age 8)


As each puppy showed symptoms, it was given 1-2 doses of the remedy; each responded beautifully...

"I've used traditional medicines for treating canine parvo virus, including immuno-stimulants, antibiotics, IV fluids, anti-emetics, and anything else that has been recommended over the years. Our success rate has fluctuated from 80 percent down to as low as 50 percent when some stubborn strains have come along.

I augmented the regimen already mentioned with a remedy made from a few drops of stool from puppies sick with parvo. Amazingly, our mortality rate dropped by about 95%. Later, one client who had eight Bulldog puppies chose not to treat his puppies with conventional means after one died from parvo symptoms an hour after presentation. Here was my first chance to test the parvo remedy by itself—when no other treatment was used. I sent home a two-ounce bottle of remedy made from the stool of the dead puppy. The client was instructed to give 1 ml orally at the first sign of any symptoms.

The client called the next week, saying that as each puppy showed symptoms, it was given 1-2 doses of the remedy. Each responded beautifully. Within hours, each recovered. Not one died."

- D.N., DVM


Amazingly, by that night, "Cookie" [the cat] had returned almost to 100 percent...

"'Cookie,' my Siamese cat, was still in the kitten stage when she became desperately ill. As I left for work one morning, more or less in hopeless desperation I collected a small pus-sample from Cookie's eyes and nose with a cotton swab and made a remedy on the remedy maker. Cookie was administered dropper-full doses of the remedy every 15 minutes or so. When she retired to bed, Cookie still didn't look much better, but by morning seemed to have perked up a bit. Cookie was given a few more doses of the remedy before I left for work. Amazingly, by that night, Cookie had returned almost to 100 percent!"

- C.T.


Within an hour, she seemed much better...

"One day, I discovered our pet, 'Mama Dog,' in obvious distress. I ran over to her, and she was standing still, eyes swollen shut, listing about 10 degrees, saliva frothing from her mouth. Two fang marks showed on the tip of her nose. I figured it must have been a Copperhead or Rattlesnake, both of which are common in our area. I picked up Mama Dog, carried her to the car, and raced home to grab our remedy maker. I made a remedy by connecting the fang marks to the remedy maker with the probe attachment Using the squeeze-top dropper from the remedy bottle, I squirted snake-bite antidote into her mouth. Every 15 seconds or so, I squirted a dropper-full of the antidote into her mouth while I poured some of the just-made remedy on a narrow strip of plain white cloth and placed the cloth between her eyes, down to her nose. Happily, we watched as her eyes began to open. First her eyes opened to slits, then they grew wider, and wider still. Then the frothing stopped. Within an hour, she seemed much better. By next day she was walking around as if nothing had happened!"

- A.G.


Quickly, he began to recover...

"I saw my pet dog bitten by a Copperhead snake. After the bite, the dog began to yelp. Almost immediately, his head swelled. I tracked the copperhead down in a pile of brush and killed it with a hoe. Then, I extracted a few drops of venom from the dead snake, placed them on the remedy maker, made a venom antidote. Within 10 seconds, I began administering the remedy to my dog. I gave the remedy every minute or so, squirting a dropper-full of antidote into his mouth. Quickly, he began to recover. After that, I gave a dose every few minutes for half an hour, then every 10 minutes for another hour. Later that day our dog was chasing rabbits again!"

- T.L.


By the next morning, "Patch" [the dog] was greatly improved and could get around without much difficulty...

"My mother-in-law found her dog, 'Patch,' completely paralyzed one morning, wedged between a fence and the back steps. Frightened, she carefully lifted Patch in her arms and, cradling her beloved dog, carried her around to the front of the house. There she gently set her dog down on the stump of a large tree and talked to her. My mother-in-law wondered if Patch had suffered a stroke or maybe a snake-bite. As she lovingly smoothed her dog's head, she noticed a large bump on Patch's head. It was a blood-swollen tick! Years of experience with Georgia ticks served Mom well as she carefully eased the tick out of Patch's skin and, wondering if the tick had somehow caused Patch's paralysis, she made an antidote from the tick with the remedy maker. She carried the antidote outside, and began squirting dropper-full doses in Patch's mouth.

In less than a minute, Patch began to move. First her head, then her shoulders. Mom kept giving her dropper-full doses. Patch kept responding. Inside of 10 minutes, Patch was in an upright position, standing beside the stump. Patch still couldn't move her hindquarters, so Mom carried her up to the shade of the front porch, brought food and water, and continued to comfort her. Also, she kept administering doses of the "tick remedy" every 15 minutes or so. By the next morning, Patch was greatly improved and could get around without much difficulty. In another two days, she was running around the yard as she always had."

- J.G.

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